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CTI Accredited FRP Rectangular Cross Movement H2o Cooling EPT

Modle h2o Circulation EPT Proportions EPT Head Bodyweight
LRCM-DD M3/H KW MM mh20 kg
a hundred a hundred 2005*2880*2850 3.six 850
125 125 three.7 2410*3180*2850 three.six 1030
one hundred fifty one hundred fifty three.7 2510*3380*2850 3.six 1120
one hundred seventy five a hundred seventy five 2810*3380*2850 3.6 1200
200 200 5.5 2910*4180*2950 3.6 1540
225 225 five.five 2810*5480*3000 3.six 1860
250 250 seven.five 2810*5480*3400 4. 2000
300 three hundred seven.five 3320*6080*3800 4.four 2300
350 350 7.five 3320*6080*4600 five.2 2420
100C2 two hundred 3.7*two 4571*2880*2850 3.6 1600
125C2 250*2 4820*3180*2850 three.six 1960
150C2 three hundred three.7*2 5571*3380*2850 3.6 2140
175C2 350 three.7*two 5620*3380*2950 three.6 2300
200C2 four hundred five.5*2 5820*4180*2950 three.6 2980
225C2 450 5.five*two 5620*5480*3000 three.six 3580
250C2 500 7.5*2 5620*5480*3400 4. 3840
300C2 600 7.five*two 6640*6080*3800 four.four 4420
350C2 seven-hundred 7.five*two 6640*6080*4600 five.two 4640

Instruction For EPT Cooling EPT Components


Fiberglass reinforced polyester (FRP) is created with the h2o-resistance resin and superior top quality fiberglass mat. With good moisture, higher gel,substantial strength, spray the gel-coat on FRP elements by EPT and is thermal formed.

Supporter amp DRIVING Method

All the cooling tower fans with the adjustable pitch blades are applied to becoming well balanced, it operates stably and quietly. EPT content for cooling tower supporter are A.EPT.S, aluminum alloy for typical stXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.rd, F.R.P or stainless steel substance available for all your possibilities.Tiny potential cooling tower adopts immediate generate minimal sounds enthusiast. EPTigger capacity supporter outfitted with EPTelt push velocity EPT or Gear box.


Employing substantial coefficient rotating sprinkler head which is produced of plastic or aluminum alloy could reduce the strain of friction loss, and the water can be distributed evenly to attain the max thermal cooling efficiency.


Used higher good quality amp improved overall performance PVC with great substance, it is large cooling performance and anti-corrosive amp UL V-. EPT surface area of cooling tower infill is corrugated to increase the filling pitch to make certain that infill is clog-cost-free and defeat the dilemma of drinking water high quality. EPT content for choice if high EPTring drinking water temperature.


EPT cooling tower framework is manufactured of sizzling dip galvanized steel (EPTGS) or FRP, to makes the cooling tower in rust-totally free, sturdy and EPT services lifestyle.

Related Cooling EPTs

Operating Basic principle

1. Working fluid (water, oil or other flowing liquid) flowing inside of the coils, which is enwrapped by the cooling tower spray h2o on the outdoors. EPT warmth of functioning fluid is transferred by the coil and grow to be the saturated vapor when meeting the h2o and air.

2. EPT heat is exhausted out of the cooling tower by the cooling tower by the best enthusiast water is gathered again to the bottom tank and circulates repeatedly. EPT cooling tower spray water is cooled down via cooling tower PVC fill in the process of circulation, and stream is the same path with the clean wind. EPT coil primarily takes smart heat travel type.

3. EPT most reward of this type is can stay away from scale formation on the exterior of the coil. And this will use eEPTly to dealing with higher-temperature fluid (e.g. sixty degC) or the fluid want huge temperature distinction (e.g. sixty degC to 32 degC).

Cooling tower human body structure and performance

This fiber reinforced plastic cooling tower body is created of high-high quality fiberglass reinforced plastics, the rubber coating surface of which is created of EPTed uncooked resources, which is even in shade and will not fade or degrade very easily.All structure components manufactured of metal are processed in sizzling-galvanizing.Injected molded areas are used extensively for they are erosion-proof, substantial in depth, ligEPT in weigEPT and effortless to connect.

EPT cooling tower has a effective water floating handle, rendering a loss significantly less than .001%.

-Use low-speed wind EPT to steer clear of also significantly h2o spray in the air

-Use water-resistant sleeves on drinking water distribution pipes to gather spilled drinking water

-EPT floor frame is larger than enclosure and is equipped with PVC shutters to avoid drinking water spilling out of the tower.

Positive aspects

Minimal-noise control theory

Lower noise from the sound supply.EPT EPT EPT EPT is filled closed automatic cooling sort lower-sound cooling tower.These kinds of variety of EPT is excellent at h2o-evidence functionality, lower in sounds.

one.Minimal-velocity fan to avoid excessive mist into the air.

two.FRP entire body contains stable supplies resisting ultraviolet radiation with a EPT services lifestyle.

3.Loaded with spherical counterflow product movie.

4.Rotating pipe distributing model.

five.EPT framework consists of rust-eliminating and large-energy galvanized metal which can bear corrosion and can be easily assembled.

six.Distinct sorts(stXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.rd,lower-sounds,large-temperature and EPT sort) to fulfill your requirements.

Major Attributes

one, Cooling tower is primarily utilized for cooling in air conditioning system, frozen series, injection molding, leather, foam, EPT generation, steam turbine, aluminum processing, air compressors, EPT cooling drinking water and other fields

two, Most used for air conditioning cooling, freezing, plastic chemical market

three, Shut circuit cooling tower have the Attractive shape: the Modest dimension of condition, the reduced heigEPT of the tower, ligEPT weigEPT of tower, and multiform layout in covering the area.

  in Malappuram India  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier CTI Certified FRP Rectangular Cross Flow Water Cooling Tower manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

  in Malappuram India  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier CTI Certified FRP Rectangular Cross Flow Water Cooling Tower manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler